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Lasse Kristensen has designed a range of vaulting surcingles with quite a few unique details, of which some are pattented. The mentioned details are developed  for three main reasons:

  1. to minimize the load and pressure on the horse
  2. to give quick and easy adjustment for the longer
  3. to give the vaulter maximum biomechanical
    conditions during training and competition.

The angled handles with a lower center of gravity is an improvement for both horse and vaulter. The side-rein system is offering extreme flexibility and is very easy to adjust. The power-girth is making it much more easy to tighten the surcingle even for the smallest longers.

Finally the brand new feature from Kristensen is the velcro-pads. The pads are making it very easy to adjust the surcingle to fit different horses, and you can get extra pads that are angled from front-to-back making it possible to stabilize the surcingle and having the handles horizontal even on a horse with a high mane-point.

On this web-site you can learn much more about the high-quality vaulting equipment designed and developed by Kristensen in close cooperation with the producer - Sattlerei Meinecke - one of Germanys leading saddleries

It is so very important that the vaulting equipment fits the horse, the people working with it and their wallets. So please, when you have surfed these pages, do not hesitate to contact us for help to choose the right combination of equipment for you and your horse.

Photo by Primo Ponies Photography showing Megan Benjamin using her Kristensen LD-surcingle on Sunny Boy at Kentucky 2009

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